Welsh Drico
Photo taken by Ben Guest: Home away from Home, Welsh Dragon Bar, Wellington, New Zealand

19 year old journalism student at Bournemouth University with a desire to be an opinion leader. Newton Lee once said: “Journalists should be watch dogs not lap dogs” which represents my view of how a journalist should work. Currently studying BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism and working towards the NCTJ Gold Standard diploma – including Teeline Shorthand. Writing for the Bournemouth Rock and GiveMeSport.

Since a young age I knew I wanted to be a journalist; I jumped at the opportunity to do work experience at my local radio station, Bro Radio. I was captivated by a journalists ability to, on mass, have their opinion heard and become a modern day shepherd. Having studied Media Studies at A-Level I became more aware of the ever-present media and the impact journalists can have. Print, TV, radio and on-line I was truly intrigued. So what better course for me than Multimedia Journalism at one of the UK’s leading journalism Universities?

A competitive sportsman since the age of 5 currently playing rugby union for Bournemouth University in BUCS Western 2A and Dinas Powys in Swalec East Central 2. Have captained both local and school teams and lucky enough to have represented Vale of Glamorgan schools at under 16s. I love everything rugby: playing, coaching and analysing. When I’m not playing rugby or even throwing a ball around with friends I help to coach Dinas Powys under 10s team. If you can’t find me on the field, you’ll find me in front of the TV watching and analysing my favourite sport. Find some of my analysis here. Rugby has taught me life skills that are transferable to the world of journalism such as team work, respect and commitment.

I’ve Always loved rugby! Photo credit: Sharon Driscoll

From a young age, like rugby, I’ve always had a passion for travelling. Family holidays were always the highlights of my year from sunny Spain to the pistes of Whistler, I can’t thank my parents enough for showing me much of the world. Perhaps it was these holidays that cultivated my love of travel and so at 18 I set off on an adventure I’ll never forget. I had 10 of the best months of my life living alongside my backpack. From the culture of Hong Kong, scuba diving with turtles in the amazing coral of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Relaxing on the beaches of Bali or my personal favourite throwing myself out of planes or off bridges in the picturesque setting of New Zealand, my ‘Gap Yaaaaa’, excuse the cliche, did change my life. I’m not done yet though, I have a date with South East Asia come July.

Now for my newest interest – politics. I began to delve into the political world at the age of 15. Taking government and politics at A-Level furthered my interest as I learnt how the UK’s political system works and what the main parties stand for. I believe a basic knowledge of the parties should be taught as compulsory in schools across the UK with politics affecting everyone. My political views are right of the centre – I will be voting to leave the EU come June. I am not yet a member of a political party as I prefer to have opinions on individual issues instead of towing a party whip. Keeping up with current affairs is also something I enjoy through newspapers, TV and apps on my phone.

When I’m not emerging myself in anything rugby, watching the news, reading a paper or planning my next adventure I’ll be socialising with my friends and family.

I aim to become a leading journalist in print and on-line and hope to lead opinions in sport or politics. Expect regular posts saturated with current affairs and rugby.



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